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Online Optical Training

We have created engaging and effective online courses by providing a reliable and personal package to Pre-Registration Dispensing Optician students that can be accessed online anytime.

Our online courses enable you to cover one exam topic or exam section at a time. It’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate revision system.

At SpecsEducation with Sally, we're providing everything you need to know online to enable you to pass your FQE Practical Exams.

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Knowledge is Power

Sally has over 30 years of experience in writing, designing, developing and presenting optical learning. This foundation is a natural step to take exam preparation and revision online to enable you to study at your own pace.  

Online revision can be completed at any time to suit the learner – maybe on the commute, during the lunch break, or during a gap in the day, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. 

The core content is customised and relevant, and the delivery is appropriate to enable Optical Dispensing exam success to people around the world. 

View and Review

Courses include videos, interactive quizzes, and Q&As to verify knowledge and learning.

The videos are straightforward, engaging, easy to use and simple to navigate, enabling learners to check their knowledge by searching for individual topics.

View the videos and review your knowledge and understanding through a series of quizzes and Q&As.

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At SpecsEducation with Sally, we’re confident in our ability to provide effective educational videos in several subjects and for various levels, keeping learning interesting and engaging.

Our quality material is bespoke content that has a proven track record of helping students achieve exam success.

The bite-sized modules are short and simple, making learning easier to fit into busy days, digest and take on board as a stress-free learning experience to support better knowledge retention.

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